Monday, May 03, 2010

Preparing for Haiti

Yesterday, Aisha, a dear friend, photographer and Haiti-trip companion, and I sat down and packed our green rubbermaid bins. We are taking four and one extra duffle bag. I have been gathering supplies for the last two months, thanks to all your generous donations, and feel for the most part that we are well equipped. It is hard to think about what to take, what to leave behind, and how to have a little something for everyone. I keep going back and forth on what to take and what to leave behind. Yesterday I bought a bunch of little things to take to Massion Fortune--the orphanage. I have candy, bubbles, stickers, soccer balls, nail polish, soap, and the much sought after peanut M&M's!

Off we go! Our flight leaves in a couple of hours. We have 355 lbs of luggage between two of us.  We are already in the cultural "hurry up and wait" mentality with multiple flight delays. Our 12 pm flight isn't leaving until at least 5 pm and I really hope that we don't miss the Miami to PAP connection. I wonder if I can reach our driver, Moliere, if indeed we need him to pick us up later. But baggage was greatfully checked all the way to PAP after we were told we would need to recheck it all in Miami. Now they are telling us that if our flight doesn't leave today we won't be able to leave until Sunday. There has got to be a different option. So send us Sat arrival time energy. I don't want to miss two days of work and time at the hospital in Hinche. That isn't part of my plan.
Here we go....hurry up and wait.

Ps. I was hugged by the TSA woman who had to search me. How many people have had that pleasant experience going through security! Blessings are hidden in everything.  

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