Sunday, July 02, 2006

We just had our third c-section in a row. I am counting on the "everything comes in threes" philosophy because I do not need another 40+ hrs birth resulting in a hospital transport. THis last one though, ended up being somewhat exciting for me...The mom was a VBAC planning to birth at Alma with Maryl and Madrona. She labored with what seemed like ease for most of the day and dilated smoothly and gently, which I guess is really common for VBAC's, but the baby never moved down into the pelvis--always floating at minus 3 station. Eventually we decided to transport. Mom had been at about 9 cm for hours and hours and her u/c had spaced and become very irregular. We tried nipple stim and homeopathic opium (which worked for a while) and position changes and walking outside and climbing the stairs, and belly lifts--she had a pendulous abdomen and I guees for these women it sometimes works to help bring the baby low if they work through a few u/c while holding the belly up either with hands or a rebozo--but nothing changed and then the baby had some decels. So in we go. We were met by a nurse I was familiar with at Providence--a relief--and the mellowest, sweetest, albeit nervous Ob. Dr. Carols. He was very supportive. He ruptured the bulging bow hoping it would help bring the babe low, but it just helped bring on some decels whenever mom leaned forwards. U/c didn't really pick up either, so out came a dose of pit, and then another dose of pit. And while u/c picked up a little bit it wasn't enough and our exhausted mother decided she was done and wanted another c-section when she learned she had regressed to 6cm. Urgh! So in we go. The mom, her partner, and myself! Yup! I was allowed to witness the cesarean. It was very fascinating. All the layers, the view of the uterus, the suturing. Dr. Carols answered all my questions during the surgery and the nurses kept me well informed about what was happening and why. It was really interesting to watch the suturing. The doc used one handed ties, mostly interrupted stitches too repair the muscle layes and fat layers and then a running matress stitch to repair the layers of skin. And he let me examine the placenta!! The baby was born a healthy 9lbs14oz, 14.5 in head and 21.5 inches long with 9/10 APGAR scores! He was also born wanting to nurse--he had the cutest little curled lips! It was realy odd watching a baby be birthed out of the belly, but the experience still seemed calm and very compassionate, with Nora Jones playing in the background. Could be worse. Dr. Carols, I beleive, is in private practice. At least he works at more than one hospital. He is young and one of the only OB's at Providence who will even consider a VBAC...If you ever transport he would be a good doc to get if he is on call..