Thursday, May 20, 2010

Eviche, Tuesday

I know that this is all a little mixed up. We have been so busy that it has been challenging to find the time to stop and write. Tuesday, after we came back from our Monday night and slept we went to check out the bishop's closet in Eviche The bishops closet has become famous as a black hole for the donated supplies. I had been told that the mysterious closet was a ten minute walk from the hospital and it was difficult to get the keys to unlock it.

I imagined it was some solitary structure, like a metal shipping crate. I had been warned that it was hard to get supplies out of it if we ran out of something while at the hospital. The closet is just that, a large storage area in the bishop's house. The house is huge with a garden in the center and pink walls. It is guarded by two gates--one big and blue with a security guard--i imagine that that can all slow down the process of retrieving anything out of the closet, like a bag of IV fluids (something we needed and ran out of Monday night).

At the roof top is the famous black hole full of supplies. We took bags to stock for today's mobile clinic and Reina, the midwifery volunteer that is here long term. She has clearly been doing a great job as the supplies were all fairly organized (and more importantly the hospital has been stocked well enough although we have needed to dig for some of the supplies).

We packed up a bunch of vitamins, mama baby packs, a scale, urine dip sticks--all the prenatal basics. We also looked through the donated instruments, many of which are in terrible condition, and were able to pull out enough that each of the Haitian midwifery students could have a kit for suturing! We were even able to give them all at least one new bright and shiny instrument! I wasn't there yesterday (wed) morning when they received them, but am sure they were excited. I remember being excited about my suturing instruments.

After we went to Eviche, we napped again at the orphanage, our little oasis, in preparation for another night shift. It was challenging for me to sleep for long-- between the barking dogs and the children playing, so eventually I got up went to the courtyard to play with the girls. And that story will have to wait for another time. I am putting my dehydrated prickly heat rash self to bed!

Taking some antacids as I am trying to digest the goat innards stew we ate for dinner and hoping the tarantulas truly don't climb up to the second floor, as brother Mike's been an adventurous evening...good night!

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Anya said...

You're doing a great job. I'll pray for no tarantulas as well!