Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Items Needed for Trip to Haiti

Supplies Needed In Haiti include:

Suggestions of things the new mothers need:
Clean new or gently used sheets, flat.
Light cotton nightgowns - especially good for moms without a surviving baby
Cloth diapers
Diaper pins
Receiving blankets
Small bottles of baby wash or baby shampoo
Soap bars

Ongoing needs for the hospital: Funds to buy items will aslo be greatly appreciated
Cloth surgical towels
Bulb syringes
Anti-hemorrhagics (Pitocin, Methergine and Cytotec)-no expired meds, please!
Suture material
Prenatal or multi-vitamins (from your local healthfood store)
Gloves-sterile and non-sterile, size SM and MED range in price
New or gently used receiving blankets, onsies, newborn baby hats
Suturing instruments:
Tissue Forceps, Hemostats, Retractors, Needle Holders, Scissors
Pinard's horns
Newborn or Ped's stethescope
Cord tape and clamps
Cord bander
Needed yet for students:
Brown doll to practice birthing
5 fetoscopes
Inexpensive fish scales for weighing babies - 9 of them

Needed now:
A good used laptop so Theard can translate some tests while you are there
A power strip so you can plug in the printer and laptop.
#21 HP black inkjet cartridge
Paper for printer

Soccer balls (with needle to pump them up) would be much appreciated
Other balls and hula hoops would be good, if not too hard to transport.


Aerlyn Pfeil, CPM said...

If you want to send me any of these much needed items, let me know via email...

Lisa said...

I have your site linked to my site. I can spread the word! Love to you, Lisa

Aerlyn Pfeil, CPM said...

you rock! thanks lisa!!xo

jenni said...

Hi! I'm a local homeschooling momma if three, and huge supporter of midwifery & honebirthing-
I'd love to help gather supplies - please contact me if you are interested


jenni @