Wednesday, October 03, 2007

After A Long Silence

I am sorry I went away for so long. Its been a long year! And really I feel like I am starting this whole blogging thing all over again...we'll see what comes of it. I wonder if there are even any readers still out there (ha!). I recently went to the Waterbirth International Conference and the Free Baby Expo in Portland and felt my desire to write more about midwifery get rekindled. There was a lot of amazing information presented and I think I am back on the rampage. Ricki Lake's movie "The Business of Being Born" was one of the highlights and Ricki Lake was present to field questions. The movie brought up a lot of emotion for many of us around current issues in childbirth. She had a medicated vaginal delivery with her first child, in a hospital, and a homebirth with her second. She addresses issues of choice, education, and the rising cesarean rate--and she does so in a beautiful, non-judgemental way, yet with some fierceness. It is truly a beautiful movie. And, she is making it possible for it to be shown around the country before it comes to theaters. If you click on the link you can watch exerpts from the movie and also find out when and where it is showing.

Ok....more later...I promise!

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Sarah Stewart said...

Hi there, I am a midwife in New Zealand and was interested to read about the Ricki Lake film-I wonder if it will come this way? cheers Sarah