Saturday, January 21, 2006

Betsy's Wise Words...

trust and surrender
How do we access a deep trust in the universe, a deep trust that everything that happens in our life is an opportunity for us to learn from, to grow from, to move forward on our path with?
How do we trust that life provides us with what we need, maybe not what we want, but certainly what we need to learn our life lessons from?
How do we accept the things that happen to us as gifts, welcoming them with appreciation and gratitude, and be open to what those gifts are?
How do we learn to trust that we have come to this life equipped with the power, the strength, and the wisdom that we need in order to move forward, move through that which we need to move through?

I think of the women I observe in labor....
They learn through the journey of pregnancy and labor how to trust their to trust that their bodies were made to do this, that their bodies know how to birth their babies. They learn how to surrender to the powerful forces that ride through their bodies in waves, opening their wombs, their hearts, their minds, to finally deliver of their own efforts the life they have created. Fighting and pulling away from these inevitable contractions can prolong their effects, while surrendering can open us more.
And so it seems in life, what we fight inside of ourselves and in what happens to us, only comes back again and again until we fully learn from it and move through it.

May we all access our power and beauty and learn to co-create a beautiful and peaceful world in which to live.

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