Sunday, December 04, 2005

From the Calendar of the Soul, Rudolf Steiner

The calender of the soul is a collection of weekly verses. I belong to a anthroposophical list where the weekly verse is sent to my email....although I do not generally read the verse daily, like Steiner suggested, I do enjoy reading them each Sunday when the verse arrives in my inbox...sometimes I find the verse moving, compelling, and sometimes it is takes me a while to find the meaning. Maybe this has more to do with the translation for German to English? I would love to know what you think of the verse and next week I will try and include another...
[December 04, 2005 - December 10, 2005]

Thirty-seventh Week
(December 15-21)


To carry spirit light into world-winter-night
My heart is ardently impelled,
That shining seeds of soul
Take root in grounds of worlds
And Word Divine through senses' darkness
Resounds, transfiguring all life.

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