Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Vacation Time cont.

The reason for the last post is that I am finally on vacation...I guess it is easier for apprentices to leave town every once in a while. Anyway, I am visiting my folks in Vevey, Switzerland, where they recently moved. It is very lovely here--the view takes your breath away. The mountains seem to rise right up from Lake Geneva, an ocean of rocky peaks and white caps. It is nice to sit and read in a local Boulangerie and sip coffee or wine. Today I drove up to Gruyere, yes where the cheese comes from, and tripped around the Chateau de Gruyere and the next door HR Giger Alien Museum. That was an interesting place, and the bar next door is definitely something worth checking out. The chairs look like they are made from spines and rib cages. The bar actually looked like it belonged in Star Wars. Next up, Lyon, in France, the Collection de l'art Brut (museum of amateur art by the lonesome, mentally ill, and criminally insane) and hopefully Venice. I know, what kind of midwifery blogger am I? But, family is important, having fun is important, and this trip will replace Christmas...there are always women due around Christmas!
Something I love about Switzerland: when you walk into a pharmacy it is easy to have access to alternative health care products, like Weleda and homeopathics, and herbs. It is so common here....no chemicals, no crap. It is refreshing.

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